I felt the tug of the ties that bind as I crossed that city limit sign
Drivin' past that old school reminds me of what I had with her
A lotta roads underneath these wheels a lotta wounds that time has healed
But time ain't changed the way I feel or the way things were
I've let go of chasin' those long ago dreams
Turned the pages on some old memories
I've gotten over a lot of what I've been through
And I've let go of thinking I could never go back
Broke the chains of ghosts from my past
When it comes to her one thing holds true
There's a whole lot of lettin' go that's left to do

I drove out to her family farm but the live oak trees and fields were gone
Rows of houses with manicured lawns sat staring back at me
Just like the fire from a childhood flame
Guess we're all just victims of the winds of change
The way things are they're never the same as the way things ought to be
I've let go of chasin'...
[ guitar - steel ]
And I've let go of thinkin'...
[ steel ]

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