Dude, You can shout the first 1-2-3-4 Oh Ja! People just have fun/ Everyone´s jumping and stage diving, the mikes are on the floor/ Astonished girls are just looking from far. Sometimes they don´t know what they´re doing here/ Rescue the amplifiers, if you don´t want them in the air!!!/
We don´t want the statue of freedom just looking at us fixed at the ground/ Move yourself get the mike, sing with us this chorus/ Jump, shout, hang on, come up here to the stage, break everything we like your way/ Remember without you this place wouldn´t be agitated, keep the energy in the air!!
Everybody knows each other, meet your friend at the pity, if you want trouble and fight, get away from this slam/ Forget now about your problems, you came here for distraction. You´re part of our family, remember the show is for you!!!!!

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