you wanna please me then get down ya crown you know they call me down town julie brown i get alot get alot head i get alot of fades and i get lot dread see i be in the town closin million dollars deals up real nice view wit my million dolla hills up tell the dj nicki minaj said to reel up rewind they neva met a muthafuckin boss this fine i get my own thing my own blootclot thing thats why they call me misses badda bing badda bing im lookin for a king wit some good ding a lind big truck beenie man throw some sim sima in
i fucks wit boss bitches types to be caught divorcin bitch niggas
corsets and horses alot pink porshes custome made plate i stay lookin for some bosses

when you approach me saY boss because i paided the muthafuckin costs im in the porshe listenin to rick ross i am a muthafuckin
thats y i loove me
miss independent
thats y i love

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