Ha ha, ha ha
It's your girl Nicki Minaj, bitches
Listen, y'all better buckle y'all motherfuckin' seat-belts broads
It's goin' down

Fitted down and I'm ready to play
When ya album gonna drop, bitches never could say
Say, Fuck I look like giving birds they props
Bitches act like they hot, but I heard they not
How the fuck you in the game like ten years strong
You bitches still can't write ya own damn songs
You see me on the stoop man these birds just salute me
Whether I'm in the coupe or the hoopti, Duke see
I'm always with a dude that'll off the kufi
Let him eat my coochie and cop me Pucci
House in the boonies, rock a doobie
Cock the twenty-two then spark a loosey
He tell me I'm the one, he probably right
He pressing me like button downs on a Friday night
Your girl get it poppin' like dynamite, dynamite
The coke albino white
Name one bitch in the game that I can't murder
Chicken noodle bitches on the side with a soda
Give it to everybody like a cop with a quota
Stop playing poker hop in something mocha
I eat bitches, no knife no fork
Bitch want it with me? Living the life loca
Oh, I get it you a joker
Leave a dot on your head and I ain't talking bout polka
You the type that be runnin ya mouth
See you on the block, wanna run in ya house
I'm with that nigga Fendi, never fucks with a slouch
I fuck with dirty money like what's under the couch
Cause ain't a bitch could fuck with my flow
When it comes to drugs mami just say no
Either you're on something or you're S-L-O
Had to switch up the flow let this skeptos know
I come come hard I don't come with garbage
Just one phone call they gon' come regardless
I always got the ball, ma
I roll with starters
Write my own bars and my flow's the hardest, nigga

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