I feel good, i feel wonderful
And thats because, you made it that way
I feel super, spectacular because of you

And now im flying, i think im floating
I feel so high, your love takes me to the sky
If i fall, i wont care cuz im with you

[chorus keely]
Cuz im in love with your story
And im love with your smell and your smile
So keep on lifting, i wont stand in your way
Cuz im in love with you

[big sean]
Now baby ur the truth, so im just being honest
U treat me like a king so thats y ur my highness
That means queen seems i known u for the longest
Funny how we connected on the low like vonage
And i know it aint as deep as it could be
Or as it would be but thats how it should be
Cuz over time we gone be fine like wine
I neva put another ova mine see difference between you and them,
Is they just wanna shine and well you, u just want sean
So tell mama sandy, mama myra and that family
That when i get that grammy, they gone be a granny
And if i see that reaper, before u see that reaper
Just kno i love u everytime u hear me thru them speakers
And i aint tryna blow ur head up like reefa but we got chemistry to the point we need a beaker

So promise that ull keep me, promise u wont leave astray
U promise me forever, you promise me to stay
So i keep you with my laughter, feel so complete
Theres something bout ur brown eyes, that gets me lost for days
Ur touch is like an angel looking out for heavans grace
And thats why, ill keep u sheltered from the storm
I need you here with me

[chorus keely]

[big sean]
Now listen, first off, if it was the last thing
Id put u first so u deserve my last name
You make my worst days feel like my birthday
If we never happen we'll regret it in the worst way
Like not seeing the world trade, ur worth the galaxy baby so lets world trade
And i tend to tell god thank you, cuz baby you an angel, at least from my angle

[chorus keely]

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