Tried to write a love song
I wanted it to be just right
Tried to make it beautiful
But all i could think of was our last fight

I was going to play it on piano
Have the drums come in real bold
But i couldn't think of anything good to say
So the big ballot strings will never get played

Pretty melody i wrote will never get sanged
Piece of paper i started with i threw away
A song about our love will never see the light of day

Cause you made it that way
Ohhuhhohh yeah yeah
You made it that way

[chorus suvia]
I was gonna write you a love song
But you screwed it all up
Playing games now ya just a lame whos outta luck (crazy ass bitch)
I almost wrote you a love song

[big sean]
She threw my watch out the window
Chain in her hand
She running threw the crib finding anything she can
Our relationship is not the only thing thats outta hand
She even called my mama and said you need to get ya man
Cause ya son lying on me i aint trying to get a tan?
And this the last time he'll have me crying in my hands
So im heading to the club to try and find me a man
Bitch you going to the club to try and find a man
What is you saying had hoes in passionate night gowns
But you the only one imagine in white gowns
So where ya left hand you should let me add a ring to it.
Because mr & ms anderson just has a ring to it
She like why you act like that to me and walk right back mike jack to me
Every time we fall out ill throw yo ass out
But you just end up boomeranging back to me. what the fuck

[chorus suvia]

[big sean]
I think you crazy crazy
You need medication
You should calm down
You need meditation sending me a text wiith a hundred exclamations
About how im wrong without any explanation at all
Before you say another nigga next up
I should call a maid down cause i messed up
But gave you what you needed even on them shopping sprees
I would throw you paper like extra extra (read all about it)
She said what if we reversed roles and you were front roll cheering at my first shows
And a couple dollar later and some louis vuitton clothes
I can fuck a couple niggas thinking you said no
If i had no feeling for them then it shouldnt hurt yours
And since you never thought ill do it, it even hust more
And ill lie about it and youll find out from the source
Who word was more truthful then yours. what would you do

And i was so glad i didnt ever pen it now you aint got nothing with ya stupid name in it
And if i woulda did woulda probably stay wit ya
Listening to the lies you were constantly telling boy you did me all wrong
What would even make even wanna write you a song
So glad i moved on cause now igot a new guy thats turning me on
And the big ballot strings are about to get played
And the melody i wrote is about to get sanged
A song about our love is going to see the light of day
Why. cause you made it that way
Oohhh yeah you made it that way
Ohhhh oh yeahh i was going to write you a love song
But you screwed it all up
Playing games no your just
A lame thats shit outta luck i almost wrote you a love song

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