It’s the sound, the hip and hip and now,
When I hip you, hip you hound,
Get down or get tied up and twound
Let me twist you, twist you pal…
Ya shyer, sh-shy how can I get you, get you out?
Lets have a listen in, -rottweil(er)
Let me hit you… hit you owww
A flight, a tryst, -night owl, when I whistle, whistle -howl
Pick up when I get into town, tell me if you’ll
-Be around, to ride with miss camaraderie,
A sight to see, a sound, what up-what
Is you with rottweil lemme get you…

Ayo hound,
Be mild oh listen, lord I mean
I might’ve seen I swore,
I saw ya looking, looking all at me
Admiring amor-
Be idol in my heart
Oh be inspiring and more…
What kind of wizard-?
What-what a dream!
A night a scene a town,
A ride with miss camaraderie
An odyssey oh wow,
Say what- what is you with?

Rottweil, ima let you
In my house, politer high society,
Attire, tea, a style.
Look how ya looking looking now!
Let me see you… see you smile
A smilers sweetest smile
Oh mister, wider! - me oh wow…
Look how ya looking looking now
Let me get you…

It’s the sound,
The hip and hip and now
When I hip you…
Hip you hound, get down or get tied up and twound..
Who’s the hip new, bitch you found?
Politer sis- I’m bout it…
A pistol, pistol pow
Lets have a listen in papa
Let me witch you.. Witch you out.
I ride I rip I rile at the ritu-ritual
What up what is you with rottweil

Tell me if you’ll,
Be around.. To ride with miss camaraderie
An odyssey a sound…
What kind of wizard?
What what what what what what
I’ve been looking for someone sir, I’dve sworn you,
Were on a journey searching for, my amour too.

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